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Each room is designed and equipped with age appropriate furniture and resources. A key-person system is in place to ensure that each child is cared for and treated as an individual. Through purposeful play the children enhanced their knowledge and understanding of the world. They are introduced to a wide variety of activities that provide learning opportunities such as early literacy, math, imaginative play and ICT.


3 Months – 2 Years
From a very early age babies are learning through observation, to respond to their immediate environment and begin to communicate with those around them. In the baby room we focus on tactile activities that will encourage and stimulate their development.


2 – 3 Years

As children’s independence grow, they begin to develop their own unique personality. With this in mind we start to provide activities that help them develop their personal and social and self help skills. With the introduction of a more structured day, activities such as circle times, dressing and toilet training help the children further develop. The structure of each day also helps the children get ready for the transition to the pre-school.


3 – 5 Years

By age three the children’s confidence is beginning to grow and they start to demonstrate skills in building relationships. With this in mind independent thinking and problem solving is introduced on a larger scale. When it is time to transition to school we will make this as smooth as possible and are happy to invite future teachers into the setting to observe and interact.

Aims for Early years

At Kiddikare Nursery (Ilford) we aim:

  • To provide and environment that is safe, secure and welcoming, where learning
    takes place through play.
  • To help all children make a smooth transition from home to nursery
  • To promote understanding, kindness and tolerance of others.
  • To provide a rich play environment, where children can explore and experiment without fear of failure.
  • To provide an environment where equal opportunities for all takes place regardless of gender, race, culture or religion.
  • To ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of every child, socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically.
  • To provide continuity of care through liaising with parents and carers.