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Butterfly Room / 2 – 3 Years

Staff Ratio: 1:4

Age range: 2 years – 3 years

Parents complete an induction form, which allows us to familiarise ourselves with the child’s habits and needs. We inform parents about their child’s routine as well as making parents familiar with all our policies – including our weaning policy, which is especially important in today’s society where more and more children are developing food allergies. All information that we gather is then placed on our records and kept in the room for all staff to familiarise themselves with. We have a daily routine report sheet, which staff will go through with parents at the end of the day, informing parents about sleep-times, play activities, feeding and nappy changes etc. There is an electronic photo album, which is updated daily, showing daily activities of children.

Activities within the Toddler Room become more stimulating and interesting, providing children with more opportunities to learn and explore about their personal, social, emotional and development needs.

Activities are more focused including: Physical – Exercise in mornings, such as Yoga, Zumba and Bhangra ; Creative – Painting, gluing, glitter and all the messy play that kids love; Drawing – Colouring, stencils, rubbings and cutting out; Circle Time – A time to talk about body parts, animals, transport, colours and numbers; Singing – Learning all our favourite nursery rhymes, playing instruments, Faith boxes to show how different people worship and using props and story sacks to tell the stories; Imaginative play – A variety of home corners rotated on a regular basis such as a kitchen, theatre with puppets, shops and workshops with tools.

In the morning, toast with different toppings or cereal with milk is given for breakfast. Afternoon snack is a range of fresh and dried fruits, cheese and biscuits or vegetables. At Lunch and tea time the children are encouraged to feed themselves with varying degrees of success! We cater for children with a range of allergies, special diets and food intolerance’s. All the food is prepared in our clean and well-equipped kitchen, which was awarded a Level 5 rating, being the highest Level awarded.

The Room leaders plan daily, weekly and monthly activities in line with the individual needs of the children, including the NEXT STEPS of different children each week. Topics and themes for each week are always incorporated into the creative play and drawing sessions. There is an electronic photo album, which is updated daily, showing daily activities of children.

Children’s development is recorded in our Trackers which link to the Early Years Foundation Stage, developing their learning goals, by constructing an individual learning journal.. This record follows the child through the nursery and key information about a child’s development is recorded so that when parents come to our Parents Evening every six months they can look at all stages of their child’s development.

Display boards are changed regularly to introduce new topics for the children to learn, usually one is changed every month, and where possible we use the children’s work for the displays.

Children enjoy going outside into the playground every day, where a large number of big toys, trikes and bikes are available with water-walls and music walls being the main attraction. In the summer we spend more time outside and encourage the children to grow beautiful flowers, giving them responsibility to water their individual flowers regularly. We arrange frequent trips to the park, shops, library and Local places of interest such as Temples, Mosques and Churches.

When children are ready for potty training we work closely with the parents to encourage and support the children. Once they have mastered these skills their level of awareness of themselves and things around them means they are ready to progress into the Pre School Room.